All paintings are now as prints in different sizes and styles available!!!

Erotic paintings


I am interested in all kinds of what people see as erotic. The variety in this field caught my creativity. You will find this in the different styles and materials I am using for my artwork. 

All paintings you see in "profile paintings" are done on a piece of newspaper with oilcolor.

size 24 x 36 cm

Profile paintings


I got the idea to jump in the internet by a friend.

She shows me a place where people can meet and connect with interesting people.

And I was curious to see what in this world happens. So I signed in.

And I was surprised about the varity of representation I found there.

And I wanted to collect all this pics as paintings together.


And I want to say thank you to all my friends that they gave me the permission to paint their profile pic!


Maybe if I find an interesting place I will do an exhibition with them.